In a concentrated effort to reduce the number of foreclosed homes in Wayne County, LOVELAND SURVEYORS VISITED NEARLY 9,000 FORECLOSED HOMES THOUGHT TO BE OCCUPIED.

This survey is part of a broader effort to understand and prevent residential tax foreclosure in the Wayne County and the City of Detroit, which has resulted in thousands of families being displaced and homes vacated.

Over two weeks in June, at the request of Wayne County Treasurer, Eric Sabree, LOVELAND surveyors knocked on the doors of 8,745 foreclosed residences thought to be occupied in the cities of Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck, making direct contact with 1,789 occupants and delivering information to all about options to stay in their home. At least 256 occupants went on payment plans with the county after being visited by surveyors.

LOVELAND hired surveyors referred by community groups from the neighborhoods they would be working in, utilizing their local knowledge and familiarity with the terrain. Using hired surveyors rather than volunteers allowed us to directly invest in the community, as well as organize training and complete the survey more quickly and accurately. Surveyors encountered a wide variety of people, from homeowners to renters, to informal occupants. Each property visited was surveyed for occupancy, condition, and a specific set of questions for occupants. 

Keeping occupants at risk of tax foreclosure in their homes is key to stabilizing neighborhoods and city and county finances. Our survey found many recently vacated homes or homes that will soon become vacant that are still in good condition.


By the Numbers:

8,745 Homes Visited

1,789 Occupants Contacted

2,217 Occupied or possibly occupied houses were notified by flyers

256 Occupants went on payment plans after being visited

44% of contacted residents are renters

89% of contacted residents want to stay in the home