Findings - Awareness

In this section we address how many people were aware of the impending tax foreclosure of their house, and what their relationship to the property was.

Do you know this property is in foreclosure?

1,789 responded

52%, or 924 respondents were aware that their property was in foreclosure.

38%, or 677 respondents were NOT aware that their property was in foreclosure.

11%, or 188 respondents declined to participate in the survey.


1,615 responded

44%, or 704 respondents were renters.

38%, or 611 respondents owned their house.

19%, or 300 respondents had an informal relationship to the property, including squatters, house-sitters, or were relatives of the owner.

Do you have a deed or land contract?

614 responded

74%, or 455 respondents had a deed to their property.

21%, or 128 respondents did not know the ownership status of their property.

5%, or 31 respondents had land contracts.

Key Findings:

While 52% of all occupants reached were aware their property was in tax distress, only 43% of renters were aware. Surveyors indicated that on several occasions renters immediately contacted their landlords, some of which were aware of the tax situation.

Occupants who declined to participate in the survey did so for a number of reasons, including distrust, not wanting to give out private information, or obvious frustration with their tax situation. It's unclear how many were aware of their impending foreclosure.

Findings - Assistance

In this section, we look at whether respondents were already on payment plans with the county, or were aware of payment options.

Are you currently on a payment plan?

580 responded

30%, or 177 respondents stated that they were currently on a payment plan with Wayne County.

70%, or 403 respondents were not on a payment plan.

Have you heard of the interest reduced payment?

336 responded

43%, or 144 respondents were aware of the the reduced payment plan.

57%, or 192 respondents were not aware.

Findings - future Plans

In this section we look at respondents' plans to deal with their foreclosure situation, and what they would like to do.

Do you want to stay in this property?

405 responded

89%, or 359 respondents want to stay in their home.

9%, or 34 respondents weren't sure if they wanted to stay in the home.

3%, or 12 respondents did not want to stay in the home.

Would you be interested in owning this property?

1008 responded

47%, or 476 respondents would like to buy the property.

26%, or 259 respondents are not interested in buying the property.

27% or 273 respondents don't know if they would want to buy the property.

Where do you plan on going?

270 responded

9%, or 24 respondents planned to stay in the neighborhood.

24%, or 64 respondents planned on leaving the neighborhood, but staying in the city.

3%, or 7 respondents planned on leaving the city.

15%, or 41 respondents didn't know where they would go.

50%, or 134 respondents had other plans for where they would go.