We surveyed 8,745 properties over the course of 14 days.

1,789 occupants responded to our survey, a response rate of 20.46%.

When factoring only occupied, partial, and possibly occupied the response rate was 32.47%.

This means that of all of the houses believed to be occupied, or possibly occupied, we reached and made contact with 32% of occupants.

When occupants were not home, flyers were left at houses.

Many occupants were not at home at the time of the survey, most of which took place during the work day. However, evening and weekend surveying did not result in an increase in responses, suggesting that many occupants work irregular shifts.


Overall Residential Occupancy

Occupied:      46%, or 4,006
Unoccupied:  37%, or 3,221
Unknown:      17%, or 1,480
Partial:           0.28%, or 24


RESIDENTIAL Structure Conditions

Good:                 43%, or 3,749
Fair:                    41%, or 3,612
Poor:                   14%, or 1,212
Suggest Demo:   2%, or 158